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Storytime by TheGrandHero Storytime by TheGrandHero
“The story's almost over!” his sister noted. “What one do you want her to tell next?”

“I don't want to hear any of them,” Iccari pouted. “I've heard them all before.”

“A good story is worth hearing again! What about the old woman and the imp, the one where she pours salt on it to drive it away? I think that's my favorite story.”

Iccari folded his arms. “I don't like that one either,” he said. “It's just made-up anyway. I'm too old for these stories!”

“Is that so, Iccari?” the old storyteller called up to him. “These stories are our heritage, the last remnants of our fading culture. Certainly there is at least one story you would like to hear.”

Iccari's face turned red, having been singled out. “Well, maybe the story about the big tree,” he said after thinking it over a moment. “That story's okay.”

I'm giving up on this one for now. I can't get the lighting just like I want it, I've repainted the storyteller's face about ten times now and she still doesn't look half as inviting as I imagine her in my head (not to mention her fangs look too much like buck teeth), and my computer's being stupid in every way. I should probably come back and clean it up some more later, but for now I'm just letting it go.

At this point, I'm just all-around frustrated. These illustrations are taking too long, and I still have to do more work on all four of them just for the first chapter. All this work for a single chapter! This story has been an albatross around my neck for too long. I might as well just clean up the text and release it without any illustrations so I can finally wash my hands of the whole thing.

Painted entirely in Photoshop CS1. Time taken: ~8-11 hours.
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May 2, 2011
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