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Iccari Concept Art by TheGrandHero Iccari Concept Art by TheGrandHero
This is Iccari, a member of a curious race known as the "elftails". He was the main character in a story idea I had many, many years ago but never got around to finishing. I had the sudden urge to sketch him again one day about a month ago, and since then I haven't been able to get him--or his story--out of my head.

No idea where the name "elftail" came from. He has a tail, but he's nothing like an elf. Still the name's always stuck with them for some reason. As is probably obvious, they're inspired by anime-spawned catboys/catgirls, designed before I realized how popular and cliche they were. XD You'll have to forgive me--it was some seven or so years ago and I was still fairly new to the internet at the time.

In any case, Iccari has always held a special place in my heart, and I decided that it was only right that I finish his story.

Did this concept piece to test the painting style I want to use for the illustrations in the story. Only problem is, it turned out nothing like the painting style I want to use. :P I want a very light and low-contrast look to it, almost like a watercolor. Guess I'll have to keep trying--not that I don't like this piece, of course!

Hopefully the lips look right. It takes a lot of work to get just the right color and shape for them, especially on guys.

(Funny story about me and drawing lips: I observed one day that the majority of people only drew the lips on girls, but boys have lips too you know! Yet when you draw lips on a boy, it tends to make them look like a girl. Curious about this, I began experimenting with lips, observing what they actually look like, and worked out ways to draw them on guys. The side effect of this experiment is that now, to me, none of my stuff feels right unless I put lips on it.) XD

Lineart done with just a simple #2 pencil with some slight modifications in the computer. Painted using Photoshop CS.
Arivina Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008  Student General Artist
cute pic!
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June 3, 2008
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