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By The River by TheGrandHero By The River by TheGrandHero
Iccari pressed his body up against the trunk of a fat, stubby tree and peered out, the fox-like ears on top of his head twitching back and forth as they listened close. Not far away, in the midst of the river, were two human boys that couldn't be much older than he was, both splashing about as they laughed and shouted together, barefoot in the knee-deep icy water. Although his stomach churned in fear, a part of his mind delighted in the wonder and mystery of seeing that they were close to his own age. In his lifetime he had seen many humans, but he couldn't remember even once seeing one that was a child.

“Are those people hunters?” Iccari asked in a whisper.

“I don't know,” Namko replied. “I don't think they are. It doesn't look like they have any bows or swords, but I can still smell metal. You know how the curse works; if they caught us, we'd be dead.”

An illustration from Under a Different Moon, a webserial I hope to release shortly.

Line art was done with Pigma Microns on 12F animation paper. Color done in Photoshop. Took me three days start to finish. :( Hopefully now that I've (mostly) gotten the process down subsequent illustrations will not take as long.
Popo-Licious Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, I realize I should say something more profound than this, but that one fat tree in the background? I'm just in love with the way you colored it. I'll have to try that myself sometime. >w< And naturally, the rest of the picture is great too, very vibrant and full of emotion. It compliments the excerpt well and stands on it's own quite nicely without the explanation. :3
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September 13, 2010
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