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Abandoned Title Page Concept by TheGrandHero Abandoned Title Page Concept by TheGrandHero
I really haven't done a lot of art this year, and that makes me a terrible person! I've been meaning to upload this for months now, but I kept putting it off. Woe is me!

In any case, this was going to be the "cover" for Under a Different Moon, until I began to run into problems. Problem the first: there are so many layers, and the image is so big (about 5200x5500) that working with it was becoming a bigger pain each time a new character was added. Problem the second: I began to realize that it wasn't a good idea to draw most of these characters, because I hadn't actually designed them yet. Trying to design them on-the-fly seemed like a good idea at the time, but pretty soon it was becoming a hassle, especially when they weren't turning up how I pictured them because I hadn't gone through the trouble of refining their designs, poses, and personalities. Really, a couple of the characters might even get dropped from the final text, since I'm not 100% happy with the story's flow as it stands.

It was a neat idea, but I think I'll go with something simpler for the final cover. Maybe I'll come back to this one day years from now when all the in-story artwork is done so that I actually know what the characters are supposed to look like. XD

Obviously, this is only half-finished, so there's a lot of goofs and things that need fixing. I'd planned on going back over each character a second time to tweak them (especially their hair). Iccari in the front, for example, doesn't have as much detail to him as some of the characters further in the back of the collage since he was the first character I added and I was using a bigger brush at the beginning.

Original layout sketch was done with a 2B mechanical pencil in my sketchbook, then scanned in. Everything else is Photoshop.
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June 24, 2010
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